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The series Urban Elements is concerned with objects of our everyday urban environment. The minimalist style points out the contrast between the clear lines of the object's design and the individual character it acquired in the urban sphere. More on:
  • The work-in-progress series Urban Elements is concerned with objects that constitute our everyday urban environment. Employing minimalist graphic elements, the images are processed in the style of architectural sketches and present the elements isolated of their surroundings, thereby laying full attention to the respective object and its individual appearance and geometry. The aim of using this particular style is to point out the contrast between the planned and clear lines of the building's architecture and the individual character the object acquired through time by its exposure to the urban sphere. Dirt, decay, but also transformation in the form of street art characterise the objects of this series and lend them character.
    It is this tension between clear geometry and imperfection that Urban Elements is devoted to.

    Article on this series:

    In print:

    All images © Boris Loder 2014.
  • 29 Church Street, Manchester (2010).
  • Foyer Blaue Brücke, Tübingen (2012).
  • 1UP! Berlin-Neukölln (2012).
  • Astronaut, Berlin-Kreuzberg (2012).
  • Weinhaus Unckel, Tübingen (2012).
  • Zoofenster Tower, Berlin (2012).
  • NV Buildings, Salford (2011).
  • Kiosk, Luxembourg (2013).
  • Telefonzelle, Tübingen (2012).
  • Öffentlicher Münzfernsprecher (Berlin-Kreuzberg).
  • Sweeping London (2012).
  • Utility Box (Ostend).
  • Taxis, Luxembourg (2013).
  • Urban Tree (Luxembourg).

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