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Quebec's City International Festival of MIlitary Bands

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Creative visuals proposed for the Québec City International festival of Military Bands
    A military festival that actually promote peace.
    Music is the most powerfull weapon when it comes to uniting people.
  • Context: The Québec City International Festival of Military Bands is a well known festival and actually the only one of this kind in the world. It Happens each year for a week in the old fortified part of Québec city and welcomes each year more than 700 musicians and more than a hundred thousands of tourists.

    Challenge: Change the perception of a war lovers festival and make it peace oriented.

    Solution: Make stunning visuals of different international weapons beeing switched into music instruments symbolising peace. All the military knowledge and soldier's talent applied to music (and peace) instead of weapons and fighting. Showing the true power and core spirit of that festival: uniting people from different origins around music ,even if the music is military. Unfortunately those proposals were not chosen by the client. 
  • Client: Festival International de musiques militaires de Québec
    Conception and art direction: Nicolas Baillargeon
    Production and retouching: Nicolas Baillargeon

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