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    Poker Cabinet I.
    luxury poker cabinet
  • Poker Cabinet I. concept is a venture into complex aesthetics derived from the function
    of an object. It is a visual manifest exploring the possibilities of "narrative" design.

    Narrative design extends aesthetics unlike ornamental / decorative approach.
    The complexity is based purely on theme and function.

    The theme of the PC I. is the modern interpretation
    of eastern styles.
  • the magnet meets the frame of the top cover when it is raised
  • the dealer and other pucks are placed in the circular metal elements
  • the construction with the pucks can be pulled forward by the glass handle
  • many facets on the specific elements of the case offer room for engraving or other custom options
  • there are exactly 888 chips in the case
  • dealer puck
    Poker Case II.
    a compact poker case design
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