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Night Forest Adventure Stories I-III

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Adventure stories from a dark and slightly hostile forest.
  • Camp Fire Stories
  • Could be I played a little bit too much Minecraft. ;)

    There's bigger versions of the complete pictures available on my blog post here
  • Camp Fire Stories (detail)
  • Camp Fire Stories (detail)

    I'm imagining this is the first day of our little guys in their new forest environment. You can tell they didn't get the dresscode properly. At first I couldn't decide wheter or not to have them visited by monsters or just some local harmless fauna. Minecraft is quite unforgiving about this, but in the end I opted for something slightly ambiguous: flying rays! Not only do they look cool, but we all know the ghost of Steve Irwin has a fair warning or two about them.
  • Camp Fire Stories (detail)
  • Late Night Visitors
  • Late Night Visitors (detail)

    Caterpillar wheels are awesome.
  • Late Night Visitors (detail)
  • It's a Farm!
  • It's a Farm! (detail)

    Or actually, it's a cozy little hut (limited creature comforts included).
  • It's a Farm! (detail)
  • It's a Farm! (detail)

    When Mojang first introduced the squid they kinda freaked me out, but wouldn't it be awesome if this could actually happen?
  • It's a Farm! (detail)

    Originally the water was supposed to be lifted by a much more elaborate archimedes screw, but I thought it'd just clutter up the image too much. We can pretend there's one inside the tube instead.
  • It's a Farm! (detail)
  • It's a Farm! (detail)
  • It's a Farm! (detail)

    (German word joke with this little fella)
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