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Lowpoly paintings

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A series of recreations of paintings in 3d.
  • The following images were all created as a personal project.

    The project is, at least in part, a way of dealing with that old problem of wanting to make something but not knowing what. After a chance remark on Twitter about how an earlier lowpoly image of mine looked very 'painterly' I thought it might be fun to attempt to reproduce a painting in Cinema 4d.

    My self imposed 'rules' included:

    • Use as few polys as possible
    • No bitmap textures
    • A minimum of post work (making it look better in Photoshop)

    The images are presented in the order that I created them.
  • Still Life with Apples (after Paul Cezanne)
  • The Nostalgia of the Infinite (after Giorgio de Chirico)
  • Night Windows (after Edward Hopper
  • Portrait of Nick Wilder (after David Hockney)
  • The Empire of Light (after René Magritte)
  • The Haywain (after John Constable)
  • The Therapist (after René Magritte)
  • Isle of the Dead (after Arnold Böcklin)
  • Morning Sun (after Edward Hopper)
  • Portrait of Pierre Loti (after Henri Rousseau)

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