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Fast Company Illustration

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Character design and illustration for Fast Company magazine
  • As a character development studio we get to work on all sorts of fun and quirky design projects. Some jobs involve creating toys, collectibles, and characters for games and TV shows other times we get to create illustrations and images for advertising campaigns which we love as much as the toy design design work we are famous for.
    Recently we were approached by the editors of Fast Company magazine to help illustrate the article about the challenges of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and hi-tech start-ups face when dealing with the unfamiliar and often challenging world of Washington politics.
     The result was a multiple page spread featuring some fun, iconic character designs of the “Tech Dudes”, Politicians, and Lobbyists in various scenarios. Each image was jammed with multiple humorous details. We had a great time working with the Fast Co creative team and look forward to seeing more of our work in their awesome publication.

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