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Fake Too Fake

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I have been working in the ads world for a while, a world where every picture must be processed in order to erase any little imperfection, where everything is glossy and unreal. That's how I came to feel the urge to focus on this human obsession with always appearing perfect, with being forever young, with having a body that has almost no flesh on it. The works of this photographic project might be perceived as a punch in the stomach, but I believe after the first impact one can really appreciate the aesthetic research hidden behind each image. Because under the sharp light there is unlikelihood, physical imperfection. A fig becomes a open wound on the chest, boiled shrimps look like entrails coming out of the body, the arm of one becomes that of someone else, infected scars look like doodle. Many times we use the expression “almost unreal” to describe something very beautiful, as well as we say “so beautiful it looks real” to indicate a perfect artefact. Starting from this perspective I decided to show the contact point between the real and the unreal. I have a artistic background, I begun by drawing and painting; but photography took the upper hand over all those other mediums because it starts from reality, from the desire to fix it in time and then work over it and create something new. I like to manipulate reality to the tiniest detail, but by never losing track of the general idea. I don't like beauty for the mere sake of it. Aesthetic is content. For me any image represents the chance to communicate. I think nothing is invention, ideas float in the air and all we can do is catch them and make them “visible”, express them in our own way. We are all interpreters of the same thing, that bounds us all to each other and moves with us, like a wave. A energy that will survive the body we are just renting. And that sooner or later we're going to give back.

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