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DISINTEGRATION is a personal experimental project based on a conceptual series of images, some personal shots and other graphic symbols, visually depicted with a 100% black and white millions dots appearance, like particles into a disintegration process.
  • Disintegration
  • Fragments of my world seen through a lens of natural destruction.
    In mathematics, the disintegration theorem is a result in measure theory and probability theory.

    It rigorously defines the idea of a non-trivial "restriction" of a measure to a measure zero subset of the measure space in question. It is related to the existence of conditional probability measures.

    In a sense, "disintegration" is the opposite process to the construction of a product measure.

    In a sense, the end.
  • Sound
  • Book
  • Reel
  • Extracts
  • Enter the void.
  • From nothing we came, to nothing we go.
  • Ghost in the shell.
  • Falling down.
  • Forgettable faces.
  • Starfuckers.
  • Meaningless symbols.
  • Superpredators.
  • Relationship ends.
  • Everybody hurts.
  • Modern Gods.
  • Same evil.
  • It's a rat race.
  • Pollution rules.
  • Fight fear with fire.
  • Available on internet for school parties.
  • To serve and protect.
  • Looks good on tees.
  • Strangers in the night.
  • Attention whore/addict.
  • Forever alone.
  • However, smile like you mean it.
  • The exit is the same.
    Riccardo Sabatini | Disintegration Project
    2012 | design updated 2013

    Hope you liked it, for job enquiries, prints and co.
    ask at

    Personal website

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