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Adventurer's Diary

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The Adventurer's Diary was created as a comission project for 3D Artist ( We were asked to create a tutorial on its creation process. It was published in 3D Artist issue 44. The whole image was created in 3D. Concept, CGI and postproduction done by Souverein.
  • Concept, CGI and postproduction: Souverein Weesp.
    The Adventurer's Diary was a comission project made for the magazine 3D Artist ( It was the final result of a tutorial about its creation we were asked to write.
    Everything was created in 3D with the text inside the book based upon real ancient writing.
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • 3D Artist issue 44
  • 3D view
  • 3D view
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