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Work for Depthcore's 44th Chapter "ECHOES"
    Work for The Depthcore Collective's 44th Chapter "ECHOES"
  • I always feel that the newest Depthcore chapter is the best one we've ever done. This time I think I might be right! We had eight months to put it together, and ended up with 106 pieces. Not bad! Please browse the Chapter, there's far better work in it than I  have to present to you here.

    I personally managed to make seven pieces for "Echoes". I took a pretty literal interpretation of the Chapter by listening to songs on repeat and creating whatever came to mind. I started off by spending forever and a day learning and improving my handstyle to create "
    Kill For Love". From here, I moved on to play with a new geometric style; after creating "Pyramids" as an experiment, I pushed on to create the "Meta" series, then amped it up a little for "Crimewave". To finish up, I bounced a .psd back and forth with Mike Harrison a few times to create "Burial".

    Anyway, here they are, presented in the order I made them in;
  • "KIll for Love"
  • "Pyramids"
  • "Meta I"
  • "Meta II"
  • "Meta III"
  • "Crimewave"
  • "Burial" with Mike Harrison

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