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Ever thought how the world would look like if someone broke it into pieces and then put them back together, but while changing some bits? The result would be a deranged world, with pieces from different environments, from different beings or entities completed with bits of imagination. If you feel a sense of dizziness, if your vision seems to be blurry or the details unclear, you shouldn’t worry. There is nothing wrong with your eyes, it is just Malfunction doing its magic! :)
  • Visual Freaks MALFUNCTION GRAPHIC PACK / $29.95
  • In this pack you will find 25 unique 3000x3000 px PNG (300 DPI) files that you can use with any modern image editing software. Even though each file has the Visual Freaks logo, you are not required to display it in your own work.

    Because we love you, we also packed them in a ZIP archive so you'll only have to download one file from our website.

    So, what are you waiting for? Click fast to check it out for yourself.

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